While Robert Bradford has taught some of America's leading organizations to be more profitable, he is extremely playful and interactive with his audiences. Whether he's doing a 30 minute talk or a two-day seminar, Robert's audiences are always engaged. He punctuates many of his hard business truths with engaging humor and relevant stories.

If you want a dynamic, entertaining program stuffed with hard strategic content, Robert Bradford is the perfect choice.

What makes Robert Bradford different is rather than just reading about strategic planning, he has done it hundreds of times with some of America's fastest growing organizations.

In 20 years of work with companies in a wide range of industries, Robert Bradford's Center for Simplified Strategic Planning has developed a process which goes beyond the tired old cliché's of strategic planning to deliver real, measurable results. The Simplified Strategic Planning process includes cutting edge topics such as islands of profit, zones of competency and the margin saddle.

Because Robert has both taught and done strategic planning for 20 years, he is capable of delivering anything from impactful keynotes to 1 and 2-day workshops. These full-day workshops can be an additional fundraising opportunity for your association. Robert Bradford has been presenting workshops for Michigan State University since 1987.

Robert Bradford has helped his clients increase their profits by billions.